ApiClient.call_api(resource_path, method, path_params=None, query_params=None, header_params=None, body=None, post_params=None, files=None, response_type=None, _return_http_data_only=None, collection_formats=None, _preload_content=True, _request_timeout=None, response_type_map=None)#

Make the HTTP request and return the deserialized data.


Path to the method endpoint, relative to the base URL.


HTTP method verb to call.

path_paramsUnion[Dict[str, Union[str, int]], List[Tuple]]

Path parameters to pass in the URL.

query_paramsUnion[Dict[str, Union[str, int]], List[Tuple]]

Query parameters to pass in the URL.

header_paramsUnion[Dict[str, Union[str, int]], List[Tuple]]

Header parameters to place in the request header.


Request body.


Request POST form parameters for application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart/form-data.

response_typestr, optional

Expected response data type.

filesDict[str, str]

Dictionary of the file name and path for multipart/form-data.

_return_http_data_onlybool, optional

Whether to return response data without head status code and headers. The default is False.

collection_formatsDict[str, str]

Collection format name for path, query, header, and post parameters. This parameter maps the parameter name to the collection type.

_preload_contentbool, optional

Whether to return the underlying response without reading or decoding response data. The default is True, in which case response data is read or decoded. If False, response data is not read or decoded.

_request_timeoutUnion[float, Tuple[float]]

Timeout setting for the request. If only one number is provided, it is used as a total request timeout. It can also be a pair (tuple) of (connection, read) timeouts. This parameter overrides the session-level timeout setting.

response_type_mapDict[int, Union[str, None]]

Dictionary of response status codes and response types for response deserialization. If provided, has precedence over response_type.