API reference#

This section summarizes OpenAPI-Common public classes.

ApiClient(session, api_url, configuration)

Provides a generic API client for OpenAPI client library builds.

ApiClientFactory(api_url[, ...])

Creates a factory that configures an API client for use with autogenerated Swagger clients.

OIDCSessionBuilder(client_factory[, ...])

Helps create OpenID Connect sessions from different types of input and provides OIDC-specific configuration options.

SessionConfiguration([client_cert_path, ...])

Provides configuration for the API client session.

Helper functions#

This section summarizes OpenAPI-Common helper functions.

generate_user_agent(package_name, ...)

Generate a user-agent string in the form <package info> <python info> <os info>.


Set up the client authentication using the configured authentication from a Granta MI Scripting Toolkit session.

Exceptions and warnings#

This section summarizes OpenAPI-Common attributes.

ApiException(status_code, reason_phrase[, ...])

Provides the exception to raise when the remote server returns an unsuccessful response.


Provides the exception to raise when connection to the API server fails.


Provides the warning to raise when the server connection process completes but does proceed as expected.

Type aliases#